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5 Uncommon cleaning hacks at home

Uncommon cleaning hacks at home

5 Uncommon cleaning hacks at home

Uncommon cleaning hacks at home

Are you out of certain cleaning supplies or just in the mood to learn something new? The home is full of items that can be used to clean in more ways than one. These common household items can help save time or reduce the cost of cleaning. Here are uncommon cleaning hacks at home which can be done with frequently used household items.

Clean stains with bread

Kids can make quite a mess at home, and this is often avoidable. This includes the stain on the wall from their hands. Thankfully, there’s a way to get rid of these stains. Tear out the crusts from white bread and fold it into a ball. This ball can be used to rub these stains off.

Toothpaste for cleaning

One of the uncommon cleaning hacks at home involves the use of toothpaste. Toothpaste can be used to polish silver at home. Squeeze some of it into a rag and rub it over the object and watch it sparkle.

Kool-Aid for toilet cleaning

One of your kids’ favorite drinks, Kool-Aid can contribute to cleaning at home. Pour some of this lemon-flavored powder into the toilet bowl and leave it to sit for a10 minutes. Scrub the side of the toilet and flush. This works just as well as most toilet cleaners.


Socks make some of the best cleaners at home. This piece of clothing can be used to dust most appliances and objects at home. Put the sock on one hand and wipe over objects such as ceiling fans and window blinds to remove the dust.

Cleaning wooden furniture

Who doesn’t love to use baby oil? With some baby oil at home, you don’t need extra cleaning products. Pour some oil into a cloth and use it to wipe wooden furniture. It takes the dirt of them and leaves them shiny. The baby oil can also be used to wipe metal appliances to give them a shine.

With these uncommon cleaning hacks at home, you can get rid of dirt all the time. For more help cleaning, you can contact Greentech cleaning. We offer residential cleaning services in Crestview FL and other cities around.