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How to tidy up after pets

Tidy up after pets

How to tidy up after pets

How to tidy up after pets

It is our responsibility as pet owners to make sure that they get the best treatment possible. This includes keeping them clean and free from various health hazards. You should also know how to protect your home from the mess made by pets. However, not everyone knows the proper cleaning procedures for pets.  In this article, we will be talking about the best ways to tidy up after pets.

Remove the stink from the couch

One of the common ways pets create a mess at home is by stinking up the furniture. If your pet spends so much time on the furniture, it can make your living room smell funky. Moving your pet off the furniture may not be the only solution to this. You can remove pet odors on furniture by sprinkling baking soda on the furniture. Leave it to sit for some time before vacuuming to keep your home smelling nice.

Wash off pee stains on carpet

If you have a pet that isn’t potty trained, you’re likely to spot some “accident” now and then. These “accidents” can cause your home to become smelly if they are not properly cleaned. You can wash the stains with some dish soap and water. After this, apply some baking soda paste – a blend of baking soda and water to eliminate odors.

Get rid of fur mess

Does your dog keep creating a mess by leaving furs around? This fur can get in your hair and different areas of the home. You can tidy up after pets by cleaning this immediately. A rubber glove can be used to remove the fur in smaller areas, but for bigger loads, you can use a vacuum.

Freshen up your pet

To make it easier to tidy up after pets, you need to ensure that the pets are properly cleaned. A smelly or dirty pet can quickly mess up your apartment and leave you with a lot to do. While bathing might prove to be a difficult daily task, you can clean your pet with vinegar. Spritz your pet with a mixture of vinegar and water. Try to avoid his eyes while at it.

Clean muddy prints

So your pet went outside and brought some mud indoors? As bad as this might seem, avoid scrubbing it off immediately. Wait till the mud drains off and it can easily be vacuumed off instead. This can save you from damaging your couch.

Although you can tidy up after pets to clean your home, thorough cleaning is also required now and then. Schedule your home cleaning with Greentech. We offer professional cleaning services in Crestview Florida.