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How to prevent dust buildup at home

Prevent dust buildup at home

How to prevent dust buildup at home

How to prevent dust buildup at home

Dust is a common sight in most homes, although house owners do their best to prevent it. When dust accumulates at home, it doesn’t just make the home dirty, it also triggers allergies in people. The presence of dust in the house also gives rise to the growth of mold. How can you prevent dust from entering your home? We’ll get into it all in this article.

Identify the areas prone to dust

The first step to getting rid of dust is by identifying the areas where they are found in your apartment. Dust can settle anywhere at home from carpets and rugs to shelves and tables. Other areas to check are your ceiling fan and home appliances. By identifying these areas, dust can easily be cleaned to avoid buildup.

Keep the dust outside

Another important step to prevent dust from building up at home is by keeping it from entering. Ensure that windows, doors, and other entrances are closed when they are not in use. You can try to keep shoes outside or get a good doormat that makes it easy for people to remove dust from their feet.

Change sheets often

Dead skin cells from the body are also another major cause of dust at home. To prevent dust buildup, endeavor to change your bedsheets as often as possible. Washing bedspreads and pillowcases can be done once in a week

Use Vacuums with HEPA filter

When dusting at home, ensure that it is done in the right way. Vacuums without HEPA filters trap dirt but often allow the dust to escape. This makes the house even dirtier than it originally was. Use Vacuums with HEPA filters which trap dust and allergens completely.

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