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5 Essential Post Construction Cleaning Services for Your New House

Post construction cleaning

5 Essential Post Construction Cleaning Services for Your New House

After all the hustles, bustles, and noises involved in constructing or remodeling a house, post construction cleaning services help to get rid of the mess created while work was ongoing.

Green Tech Cleaning is a cleaning company operating in Crestview, Florida and environs that can be trusted to do an effective post construction cleaning for your new house.

It is exciting to complete new house construction. But you can’t move into your newly built or renovated house with all the debris and dirt around.

Even when all the doors, windows, HVAC systems, and fittings have been installed, there is still one important thing left.

Your new house is ready for use only if you get a post construction cleaning.

 So, what exactly will a post construction cleaning service achieve?

 1 Removal of construction debris

Left over’s from used cement, old paints and broken objects will all be removed during post-construction cleaning. They often litter the building due to the activities of construction workers.


2 Board and scraps removal

Boards and scraps used during the construction process become a nuisance when the building is completed. They are part of what will be removed during post construction cleaning.


 3 Floor sweeping

After the removal of boards and scraps, the building will be swept to remove leftover particles. This will prepare the floor for coverings like carpets and rugs.


4 Window washing

The windows will be washed thoroughly to remove stains and make them look sparkly clean.


5 Dusting walls, interior/exterior cleaning

Dry dusting will be carried out on the walls to remove dust particles that settled there during construction. Moisture can be used to safely clean other surfaces while protecting the finishing in the interior building.

Exterior parts like the deck and patio will also be cleaned to prepare the house for your move in.

Post construction cleaning


Green Tech Cleaning can help you handle all your cleaning needs, including post construction cleaning. We provide different types of high quality house cleaning services. Contact us to get started.

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