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5 Important Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Tips

Kitchen cabinet cleaning tips

5 Important Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Tips

5 Important Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Tips

  • Why you need kitchen cabinet cleaning
  • Cleaners for cleaning kitchen cabinet
  • How to deep clean kitchen cabinet

The kitchen cabinet often gets dirty due to drips and spills when you cook or do the dishes. The grime and dirt that the cabinets get exposed to regularly make it necessary to clean them. Failure to clean the kitchen cabinet can see it get dull, smelly and in the long run, it results in permanent damage. This article will contain tips that make kitchen cabinet cleaning easier.


Vinegar solution

Baking soda


Cleaning rag

Oil Soap


Tips for kitchen cabinet cleaning

Wipe the outside of the cabinet

Grease and dirt often accumulate on the outer surface of the cabinet when you cook or wash dishes. Wet the cleaning cloth with the vinegar solution and wipe the surface of the cabinet to get out grime and dirt.

Clean inside the cabinet

The inside of the cabinet also needs to be clean to remove stains caused by spills. Dampen the cleaning cloth with the vinegar solution or liquid soap. Then use it to wipe the inside of the cabinet to get rid of the stains.

Remove water stains

Hard water often results in water stains that are difficult to clean. These stains can make your cabinet look unattractive and old. Turn on your hairdryer and turn it to the affected spot to get rid of water stains.

Remove stubborn stains with baking soda

When food spills are left without being cleaned for a long time, the stains become more difficult to remove. Baking soda is a cleaning abrasive that can be used to remove stains without damaging your cabinet.Kitchen cabinet cleaning

Wax the cabinet

After cleaning the cabinet, it is important to get it waxed to give it a shiny look to make your kitchen appear better. Select a polish or wax that blends with your kitchen and cabinet color. Apply the wax to a small area and rub it in by going in a circular motion.


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