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7 Items that people forget to clean

items that people forget to clean

7 Items that people forget to clean

7 Items that people forget to clean

Every area of the house needs to be cleaned. However, certain items get more attention than others when it’s time for house cleaning. You can easily remember that items like your laundry are dirty but what happens to other things that don’t get much attention? Take a look at some of the common items that people forget to clean at home.


The toaster is one of the forgotten items when it’s time for cleaning. If you leave crumbs of toast in the toaster, then you are at risk of a fire hazard. Take some time to care for your toaster by removing the crumbs and clean with a clean cloth and soapy water.


The dishwasher is another item in the kitchen that often gets neglected. You may be wondering how your dishwasher can get dirty, but it does. The dishwasher should be washed at least once in a month with baking soda and vinegar.

Laundry Machine

The washing machine is among the items that people forget to clean at home. The washer does get dirty, especially when you do not use bleach. A dirty washer will not clean your clothes as it should. Add some white vinegar and run a warm cycle while the machine is empty to clean. The laundry machine should be cleaned every six months.

Ceiling fan

The ceiling fan is susceptible to gathering dust, especially when it is used frequently. To avoid blowing dust around your home, it needs to be cleaned as well.  A simple hack for this is to use a pillowcase. The pillowcase takes out the dirt without making a mess.

Cleaning items

The cleaning items should not be left out when cleaning. Using dirty cleaning items only results in more dirt at home. Take some time out to freshen up your broom and brushes to prevent the spread of dirt and germs.

Coffee maker

Coffer makers are among the home items that people forget to clean. This appliance is one of the germiest at home because people fail to clean them properly. An easy way to clean your coffee maker is by running vinegar and hot water once in a while.


The Refrigerator is a common breeding ground for mold at home. Even if you can’t find evidence of the mold, there are several hidden germs responsible for causing diseases in the fridge. Take time out to clean every part of your fridge, including the rubber sealant on the door.

Now that you are aware of the common items that people forget to clean, you should pay more attention to them. Do you need help with house cleaning? Greentech is your best bet. We offer residential move-out and house cleaning services in Crestview Florida and surrounding cities. Follow our social media pages for more cleaning tips and ways to stay healthy. (Twitter, FacebookInstagram).