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4 Secret House cleaning tips for virus prevention

cleaning tips for virus prevention

4 Secret House cleaning tips for virus prevention

House cleaning tips for virus prevention

Everyone is aware of the importance of handwashing and staying at home to prevent viruses. However, that doesn’t completely prevent the spread of viruses. Germs and viruses still find a way into our homes and unfortunately we get infected sometimes. Viruses are responsible for some of the common diseases that prevent us from going about our daily activities. These house cleaning tips for virus prevention will help prevent the spread of viruses and germs in your home.

Disinfect commonly touched objects

One of the top secret cleaning tips for virus prevention is the disinfecting of contaminated objects. Light switches, doorknobs, and tables are just some of the frequently touched parts that need to be disinfected. Use disinfectant wipes to clean them thoroughly. In the absence of these wipes, Vinegar is a good substitute and works well as a disinfectant at home.

Clean electronic and mobile devices

Electronics and TV remotes are some of the items that are shared by family members. These objects easily pick up germs since they are shared by a lot of people. Use disinfecting wipes to clean remotes, smartphones, computers, and keyboards in the house to rid them of germs.

Wash laundry

Dirty laundries are just another place where you can find disease-causing germs. Warming washing of laundry is great to get rid of germs and viruses. In addition, ensure that the clothes are dried completely before they are returned. Disinfect clothe hampers with disinfectant and cleaning solutions as well.

Floor cleaning

The floor is one of the most important places to watch out for when cleaning at home. Clean the floor with warm water and detergents to remove dirt before disinfecting. Also, ensure that the floor is completely dry before allowing children back on it.


Smooth implementation of these house cleaning tips for virus prevention is a great way to prevent disease in your home. For better cleaning in your home, contact us to help out. Greentech cleaning offers all sorts of home cleaning services including Covid-19 cleaning.