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6 Amazing Tips for home cleaning

Tips for home cleaning

6 Amazing Tips for home cleaning

 Tips for home cleaning

Although not everyone loves to clean, we all love to have our home looking nice. Sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the chores and just decide to ignore them. After all, Not everyone can be a master cleaner and that is why cleaning services exist. However, if you are interested in cleaning and would like to get rid of the dirt in your home, we have put together some home cleaning tips for you. These tips will help you deal with all the problems you might encounter in maintaining a clean home.

Easy home cleaning tips for you

Clear clutters

One of the first things to do when cleaning is clear the clutter in various rooms. As you pick up items, ensure that you put them in the appropriate place. Put away or donate the items which you do not use anymore. This helps to make the room cleaner and less cluttered.

Clean the entire house

Cleaning is much easier when you decide to do one task across the entire house instead of performing multiple tasks in the same room. For example, you can decide to clean the windows in all parts of the house rather than vacuuming, doing the laundry, and mopping a particular room. Performing the task this way prevents you from preparing for different tasks each time and saves you some time.

Dust and vacuum

You need a brush or a clean rag to dust furniture and other objects in the house. When cleaning shelves and furniture, ensure that you get the underside where dirt hides for a long time. Turn off the fan when dusting and vacuuming. This will prevent the spread of the dust to other surfaces.

Clean mirrors and glasses

When cleaning mirrors and other glass objects. Ensure that you use a damp cloth to get the dirt before wiping with a dry cloth. Clean all the mirrors and glasses in the house including the edges.

Disinfect the surfaces

Clean all the surfaces of the house, focusing on the frequently touched surfaces. A damp cloth should be used to clean these items. Use disinfectants on the surfaces to take out the germs so that they are not transferred. Disinfectants can be purchased in the store or you can also create a homemade disinfectant. This can be done by diluting apple cider vinegar.

Sweep and mop

Sweeping is one of the most importSweep all rooms before mopping. Mopping without previously cleaning, leads to the spread of dirt. When cleaning, ensure that you start mopping from one end of the room and try to avoid mopping yourself into a corner. Also, rinse the mop frequently to keep it clean.

Wash and disinfect cleaning tools

Ensure that you frequently wash and disinfect the tools that you use for cleaning. Using a dirty mop or cloth for cleaning only makes your work more difficult. In the end, you might even end up spreading germs.


Even with all the tips, cleaning might not be fun for everyone. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Green-tech home cleaning is here to save you from the stress of cleaning at home. Our team of professional cleaners will help you take care of all the problems you might encounter while cleaning at home. Contact us today.