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5 Important Laundry room cleaning steps

Laundry room cleaning steps

5 Important Laundry room cleaning steps

Laundry Room Cleaning Steps

The Laundry Room is a section that is dedicated to cleaning in the house. Even as the master cleaner in the home, it still gets dirty with time. As your clothes and other items arrive for cleaning, they leave dirt behind, which can accumulate eventually. We understand that your laundry room needs to be cleaned as well. So we have put together laundry room cleaning steps, to help you get rid of dirt and germs.

Clean the Washer

What’s a laundry room without a washer? The Washer is the most important equipment in your laundry room, and as such, it requires proper cleaning and maintenance. Without cleaning the laundry room, it becomes difficult to completely remove dirt from clothing. This is due to the accumulation of dirt in the machine. How do you clean the washing machine? You can use a mixture of vinegar and water to scrub the interiors of the machine. Then run an empty cycle of hot with only water to remove the leftover dirt. Wipe the outer part with cleaners and use a vacuum to pick up any dirt particle left behind.

Clean the Clothes Dryer

The second part of laundry room cleaning steps involves cleaning the cloth dryer. The Cloth Dryer is notorious for accumulating lint particles, which can prevent proper drying over time. Besides, the lint particles are a major fire hazard at home. To avoid any of these accidents, you should clean the lit trap of the dryer regularly. Use a lint brush to clean the opening in the lint dryer. You can vacuum the brush and repeat this until there is nothing left. Finally, you can wipe the exterior of the dryer with a clean cloth before vacuuming.

Clean Cabinets and Counters

The cabinets and counters in the laundry room need to be cleaned to remove dirt. This is important if you want to keep germs at bay. Wipe the cupboards and counters with clean clothes and vacuum the inside. This should be done weekly to ensure that dust particles do not accumulate in the cupboards.

Clean the Laundry Baskets

The next part of the laundry room cleaning steps involves cleaning your laundry baskets and hampers. You may be wondering why you need to clean them if they hold dirty items. Well, cleaning the basket and hampers keeps them fresh and removes odor from your laundry room. Clean plastic hampers with a damp cloth and a cleaning agent. For wooden hampers, you can simply vacuum the inside and leave some baking soda in to eliminate odor.

Sweep and Mop the Floor

Finally, floor cleaning! The last laundry room cleaning tip is to clean the floors. Mopping comes last since it allows you to remove dirt particles that might have fallen to the ground. Ensure that you sweep before mopping to properly remove dirt and dust. Soak your mop stick in detergent and use recommended disinfectants to get rid of germs.

With these laundry room cleaning steps, you can eliminate dirt in your laundry room, and limit the spread of germs in the home. Green Tech offers home cleaning services to ensure that every part of your home is properly clean and disinfected. We are available to the residents of Crestview FL and surrounding cities. You can follow our social media pages (Twitter, FacebookInstagram) for more cleaning tips and ways to stay healthy.