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5 Healthy living habits for kids

Healthy living habits for kids

5 Healthy living habits for kids

5 Healthy Living Habits for Kids

Keeping yourself free of germs is difficult as an adult. It becomes even more difficult when you have to watch out for your kids always. Germs are all around us, causing various types of allergies and diseases. The key to staying healthy is finding a way to keep free of germs. And how do you protect your kids from germs? Kids are learners, and they pick up even the tiniest of details. With these healthy living habits for kids, you can be assured that they are free from germs even when you’re not watching.

Teach Them Handwashing

Hand washing is the most important healthy living habits for kids to emulate. It’s not just about getting kids to wash their hands. It needs to be done appropriately too. Most kids wash their hands by rubbing them together underwater for a few seconds. Hand washing should be done with soap for at least 20 seconds, using running water.

Teach Them How to Sneeze

Sneezing releases an average of 100,000 germs into the environment. Teaching your kids to sneeze properly will reduce the release of germs into the environment. The sneeze should be into the sleeves and not onto open-air or hands, which invariably cause germs to spread.

Get Them Acquainted With Food Labels

Getting kids acquainted to food labels should be included among the healthy living habits for kids. Teach your kids which food and drinks are healthy. Show them how to check the nutritional content. This makes it easier for them to select healthy food even when they’re alone.

Avoid Rewarding Them With Unhealthy Food

One mistake that most parents make is rewarding kids with unhealthy food and habits. This makes them believe that such foods are appropriate for them. Instead of giving them sugary snacks as rewards, get other healthy things that your kids enjoy.

Introduce Them to Sport

Sport is also among the important healthy living habits for kids. Some adults see exercise as chores, but most kids see it as an opportunity to have fun, and they should be encouraged. Go out with your kids and do fun exercises and activities. This keeps them healthy and fit. Who knows? You may come to enjoy it as well.

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