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5 Great Ways to control pests at home naturally

Ways to control pests at home naturally

5 Great Ways to control pests at home naturally

5 Great Ways to Control Pests at Home Naturally

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that everyone hates pests. While some people hate the idea of having them around, others just try to avoid damage to household items. Bugs and spiders give certain people the creeps, and they try to avoid them whenever. Fortunately, we have come up with some tips to control pests at home through natural means. This will keep the pests away without harming either them or yourself.

Garlic Spray

Using garlic spray is a great way to control pests at home naturally. The best part is that it works for outdoor pest control as well. You can make this spray by blending some mint leaves with garlic cloves. After this, boil the concoction and leave it overnight. To make it more effective, you can add dishwashing soap and pepper. Spray this mixture in the corners of your house where the insects are usually found.

Borax and Sugar

A combination of borax and sugar also does a good job of eliminating insects at home. Mix a cup of sugar with 2 tablespoons of borax and add some water to create the solution. After mixing the two substances, you can place it in the corners where the ants’ march. This will solve your insect problem in a short time.

Pepper Spray

Hot pepper spray also comes in handy when you need to control pests at home naturally. This can easily be made by 3 tablespoons of pepper flakes to a cup of water. Cayenne pepper is the best for this but you can use other varieties also. Boil the concoction and leave it to sit for a day before using it. The hot pepper spray can be used in the garden and other areas outdoor.


You don’t have to go in search of ant repellents when one of the most common vegetable fruits does that. Cucumbers can be used in place of ant repellants to lay ants off. Slice the cucumber into smaller pieces and place them in corners and cracks of your house. You may have to clean them up afterward, but you won’t have to worry about the ants.

Lemon Peels

Using lemon peels is another great way to control pests at home naturally. You want to avoid termites and moths that cause damages to furniture and clothes. Place lemon peels in areas where the insects are found, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the insects. Besides, the lemon peels can leave your home smelling nice.

These are but a few ways to control pests at home naturally, as there are several other methods. Ensure that you keep groceries away since they also attract pests. Do you need a cleaning agency to deal with the mess that pests have caused at home? You can contact Green Tech cleaning agency or call us to speak with a representative. We offer both residential and commercial cleaning services in Florida.