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5 Car washing tips for a clean vehicle

Car washing tips

5 Car washing tips for a clean vehicle

5 Car washing tips for a clean vehicle

The neatness of a vehicle is a major part of its beauty. There are several benefits to washing your car such as avoiding wear and maintaining its value. However, there is more to washing a car than using soap and water on the vehicle. To protect your vehicle and keep it in the best condition, it needs to be washed in a particular way. In this article, we will be dishing out some car washing tips that can help you maintain a clean vehicle always.

Use the right cleaning tools

The right cleaning tool is important for various forms of cleaning including car washing. Using the wrong tools to clean your car can harm the body of the vehicle. Some of the must-have tools for car washing include Hose, Wheel Brush, Microfiber cloth, Soft Sponge, Car washing soap. The car wash soap is specifically designed to provide lubrication to your car as well as remove excess wax on the exterior.

Right day for washing

Day for washing is among the car washing tips that you should remember. While most people believe that it is better to wash on a sunny day, it is more advisable to wash after the sun is gone. This is because the warmth makes the car dry too quickly, which can contribute to stains on the car exterior. It is also advisable to park your car under a shade to keep it from direct sunlight.

5 Car washing tips for a clean vehicle Car washing tips

Cleaning the window

Apart from the beauty that a clean glass brings to your vehicle, it also makes it easier to clearly while driving. As a driver, you want to ensure that nothing obstructs your view when you’re on the road. Standard glasses can be cleaned with a glass cleaner and paper towel but the procedure for a tinted glass is different. Tinted glasses should be cleaned with soapy water and a microfibre cloth to avoid damage to the film.

Interior cleaning

Car washing tips will not be complete without interior cleaning. A clean interior makes your car more comfortable and it removes bad odors. First, take out the trash before vacuuming, this makes it easy to dispose of things that can’t be sucked by the vacuuming. Then you can move on to washing dirty spots with a brush and soapy water.

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